one reason to visit Abu Dhabi

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I think it’s a real pity to visit Dubai and not come for a day trip to Abu Dhabi…I think a good reason to come and visit the city is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque..I was so happy and excited after this visit, that I want to go back one more time.

I’ve been in the city only for a few hours and I loved it..When we got close to the city I felt that something is different from Dubai..the city had many green areas, trees, parks and the look of a futuristic city with skyscrapers and modern architecture that made me think about New York…yes, it has something of the big metropolitan city..if you don’t believe me check it out for your self…:P

Abu Dhabi does not offer to many things in the cultural or historical way, but it doesn’t lack in attractions, and many of them are for free.3As we spend only one day there, we decided to visit first the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The mosque represents in my view the welcome to the city ( you see the mosque when you enter the city)..This is the 6th largest mosque in the world…and it’s breathtaking..The white marble makes this masterpiece of modern Islamic architecture and design a unique place to be..everything in white with delicate floral decoration truly gives the impression of something special…this place was so clean…wow…In the main courtyard there were 4 guys cleaning the floors continuously…yes, continuously…if you can believe something like this…1000000000000As you can see in my pictures, there is a dress code for women..I thought that having pants is enough, but I was wrong…Women have to have their hands and head covered…if not, you have to go in the basement and borrow for free the abeyyas and kanduras.

It was not that bad to wear the abeyya, it was actually pretty fun..I have had the chance to wear their traditional clothes for free…and also take pictures…a lot of pictures..hehe..
6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17Another place that was breathtaking in  Abu Dhabi was the Emirates Palace Hotel. I’ve read that this is the world’s most expensive hotel to build because it has gold and marble plating on every available surface.. Maybe because of this, it was so difficult to get inside.. We had to wait a few hours for a booking at a restaurant over there..and only after that we could get inside…and they really have had security like at the airport… was very strange..All in all the hotel feels like it’s straight out of Las Vegas, minus the slot machines…trust me, I’ve been in Las Vegas.. 018 19 21 22 24




Written by Iulia