Hi everyone,

I want to start this post by telling you to do everyday something special that makes your heart sing.

For some days now, I’ve discovered some new artists, new songs that really transform my feelings.. It’s so good to let go sometimes and just feel, let everything out.. it’s better than a fresh breath of air.

Speaking about things that make our heart sing, my heart sings when I have time for fun activities with my children, my hobbies, for reading a good book, enjoying the sound of the rain…and also enjoying some shopping…because I’m a woman and shopping it’s always a good therapy.

My outfit from today it’s casual-classy, a beautiful pink dress from   paired with small heels, and voila, I’m ready to go out! The material of the dress it’s very soft and breezy, perfect for this hot summer days in the city.  The dress has a feminin touch because of the detail from the top that goes through the sleeves and also to the bottom of the skirt. The waist is accentuated perfectly with the cut of the dress and I have to confess that wearing it made me feel so beautiful and chic.

The location for the photoshooting had to be also special, and maybe you already know where it is from my older posts. If you don’t know I’ll tell you: it’s a small square in Vienna called Karlsplatz and the church it’s called Karlskirche.

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Find the DRESS HERE 


Shoes: Valentino

Bag: Furla

Sunglasses: Valentino

Written by Iulia