Christmas gifts idea for her

Hi everyone,

Every year one of my favorite festivity is Christmas Eve when we have to exchange presents with the family…I like to see all the happy faces, the enthusiasm we all have when giving  and opening each other’s presents, seeing the big smile on their faces when you have chosen the right present. This is the best case scenario…because sometimes it is a little bit difficult to find the perfect present for the dear ones.

That’s why I decided to share with you some Christmas present ideas for us, women, mothers, sisters, friends, girlfriends, name it.

Choosing a present for us I think is relatively easy (comparing with choosing something for a him)…because there is such a big variety..(we need everything, sometimes the things we love can come in double..hehe): jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, beauty products, shoes (if you ‘re sure about the size), clothes, purses, many many options ..

In this post I have decided to present a top 7 of things that go as perfect gifts for the loved one in my opinion..for sure you can’t go wrong with husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, friends…be aware..:P


I think this could be a perfect gift to find for the dear one. It’s not expensive and we, the women love to have something like this.

To start, you could buy only the bracelet (price starts from 59 euro, depending on the material/silver-gold..etc) and in time she can add charms for every special occasion..this can make her very happy.






I think a pair of earrings that are simple can go for any lady. For sure she can find an occasion to wear and love wearing them.

I choose Swarowsky  because they offer quality at a very good price.



The watch right here comes together with the bracelets and it costs 159e. I think this is a good price and for sure you can’t go wrong with such a present.




Now this is a very interesting and delicate subject…. Some women love a specific scent and other hate that. Make sure you know what you are looking for.

Or just go for some classics. These three examples are in my top list, I just love them…parfume


I think a woman has never enough perfumes or cosmetics (or clothes). That’s why such a cosmetic pallet is always good to have.naked 2-3prom dress online




I also thing that sharing a box with everything is a very nice gift, not only for Christmas but for any other occasion. Think about the things she love and put everything together into a nice box. Accessorize with flowers or Christmas decorations and you have the perfect gift.

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If you think this examples are not for HER, than please don’t choose something similar with the image below:don't

Have a great week and good luck finding the perfect gifts!!




Photocredit: Pinterest

Written by Iulia